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Al-Tahir Foundation School was founded in 2010 at Mehar Abadi, Islamabad. In 2014, it has registered with PEIRA Islamabad. The majority of the student’s parents of this area is laborious. They cannot afford the basic necessities of life and unable to provide the education for their youngsters. Al-Tahir foundation school’s aim to furnish free of cost education to orphan and deserving children. Generally, children are sponsored by our members and self-help. Some children are sponsor of philanthropist people. We desire to educate the unprivileged ones, then, that they may construct a portion of a sizable community, rather than these deprived ones establish a criminal mind to form society.

The Al – Tahir Foundation is to provide quality education in a good educational environment so that their poor and orphan children can also become respectable citizens of our country.



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